Guest Model: Jessika 1

Note from the photographer: Besides Bri of course (my fav model ever ;), Jessika is one of the best models I've shot in a while, tons of potential. She is 18 years old, beautiful face, and an awesome body. She's a 36C and yes they are real! They're so perky, you might think otherwise, but trust me, she's all natural! Blonde hair, blue eyes, and a great personality... and she shoots up to full nude which I'm sure you'll enjoy!.... We plan to have a shoot with Briana and Jessika together which is going to be super hot!! Think girl-girl kissing, baby oil massage, and maybe a bubble bath just for kicks.... Let me know what you think of this girl, email me!!

Also, anyone who picks up this video will be entered into my latest contest.
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Guest Model: Jessika 1- $20
4 HD video clip - 50 Mins Total
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Scene 1: Jessika models a black top with tight jeans and a sexy red thong.
jessika_hd1-high-1_0107.jpg jessika_hd1-high-1_0127.jpg jessika_hd1-high-1_0148.jpg jessika_hd1-high-1_0241.jpg jessika_hd1-high-1_0293.jpg
Scene 2: Jessika and her cute black and pink bra and panty set.
jessika_hd2-high-1_c2-3_000.jpg jessika_hd2-high-1_c2-3_005.jpg jessika_hd2-high-1_c2-3_023.jpg jessika_hd2-high-1_c2-3_031.jpg jessika_hd2-high-1_c2-3_040.jpg
Scene 3: Jessika in just a tight black dress and nothing else!! Except the heels of course ;)
jessika_hd3-high-1_c4_0005.jpg jessika_hd3-high-1_c4_0051.jpg jessika_hd3-high-1_c4_0139.jpg jessika_hd3-high-1_c4_0216.jpg jessika_hd3-high-1_c4_0256.jpg
Scene 4: Jessika on the bed in sexy blue lingerie with a hot g-string.
jessika_hd6-high-1_c7_0036.jpg jessika_hd6-high-1_c7_0060.jpg jessika_hd6-high-1_c7_0072.jpg jessika_hd6-high-1_c7_0094.jpg jessika_hd6-high-1_c7_0120.jpg
jessika_hd6-high-1_c7_0150.jpg jessika_hd6-high-1_c7_0317.jpg jessika_hd6-high-1_c7_0348.jpg jessika_hd6-high-1_c7_0370.jpg